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Exotic destinations, exploring deserted islands, photographing above and under water, trying traditional cuisine in Greece, Italy, France, Croatia or Spain. There’s never a dull moment.


You can dance at the parties we organize on deserted islands, in taverns or on board the yacht. There will be light games, decent DJ music and many friends.


During our trip, the skipper will share with you his passion for sea adventure, teaching you some navigation and sailing maneuvers.

You sail!

Whether you want to get involved in the many activities on board the yacht or just relax on the beach, we will make sure your experience is exactly what you want.

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Ultima aventura din 2016

Urmatoarea noastra aventura se va desfasura in estul Greciei, mai exact insulele Sporade, in intervalul 27.08....


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    Activities & program

    An old saying says that whoever tries to please everyone is crazy; yet, since our first contact, we strive to learn more about you and how you want your yachting holiday to be.

    We will try to adjust the itinerary and travel program to give you enough time to experience and enjoy those things you like more.

    The Skipper will be your friend and mentor for the duration of your stay, will teach you what is needed for sailing and will offer suggestions of activities and attractions to visit in every place we stop.

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    Take your friend with you

    Do you have a group of passionate and adventurous friends? Take them with you to spend an unforgettable week at sea. You will be able to decide almost everything: from the menu that will be prepared on the boat, to the daily schedule (the activities you want to do, when you wake up and time of departure, the administrative activities , the music you listen to, etc.).

    If your friends already have other holiday plans, do not worry. We’ll ask you what activities you prefer to do and integrate you into the crew of a boat with similar options. It can be an excellent opportunity to meet people with similar passions and make new friends.

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    Sailing with the little ones

    Do you want to share the joy of sailing with your children? Surprise them and take them with you.

    Contact us and we can explain everything you need to know : from the additional protection measures that will be implemented during the trip to the itinerary and the recreational activities adapted for the little ones (swimming pools, water toys, swimming courses, pirates costume party, etc.)

    Optionally, we can hire a person  (other than the skipper) whose mission is the safety and fun of the little ones, while parents can be as involved as they want.

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    Team Building and Corporate Events

    A trip on a yacht is perfectly suited for corporate events: teambuilding, training courses, networking, vacation bonuses, etc.

    The relaxed and friendly atmosphere on board ships can consolidate your employer’s brand through bonuses offered to employees with outstanding results.

    We believe it is a very elegant and efficient investment in the future of your business. Our team is at your disposal for further details and personalized offers.